And the adjusting begins...

Day two of training is complete. I don't know if I actually absorbed much from it though. I just felt so tired despite the fact that I got plenty of sleep. I'm not finding it stressful at all though, which is really good. I'm sure it's just the adjustment, and possibly the weather. Now I'm trying to fight a migraine that has reared it's ugly head and won't even let me sleep it off. I feel drained and tired but unable to sleep. Go figure.

Since I don't have a tv or cable at the moment, I've been renting DVDs these days. I even bought a few that were on sale. Tonight I watched "The Wedding Date" which was cute but it seemed short. I also rented "The Upside of Anger", which I have yet to watch, and bought the remake of "Shall We Dance" and LOVED it! Of course, I tend to enjoy movies about dancing. Always have.
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I'm also anticipating crashing this weekend and hopefully next week will be all good!

Yeah, I found that I watched more TV than usual at your place because you had all those great shows!! LoL I'm trying to avoid renting any TV series for that very reason! ;)