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I love you clothes...

Today was my first day of training. It was pretty stress free but there was a lot to absorb... followed by a lecture on Freud in my psychology of religion course! Brain now = full. I have to say though, I'm really glad to be working again. I needed to get some sense of security and structure going in my life and now that last piece of the puzzle has finally fallen into place. I'm sure it's going to be a big adjustment as far as homework goes but I'm hoping it won't be too crazy.

It felt good to get up and go to work today and I hope I keep feeling good about it. I felt good about myself too because I got all dressed in my newer clothes that look really nice on me. They might not be super dressy or anything but they make me feel good about myself and that's what counts! I also wore my boots that have higher heels and make me look taller which I like! So, lots of feeling good!

The other day, as I mentioned, I went shopping. I bought myself a pair of jeans and was thrilled to find a pair that fit well. I wore them on Saturday and realized that they were probably the best fitting, most comfortable pair of jeans I've owned in a really long time. Sooo... tonight I went back and got a couple more pairs! What's that you say? How will I eat for the rest of the month? I don't know but at least I have comfy jeans to wear! Mwahahahaaaaaa

Now I shall end this post before my brain dies completely on me.

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