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Tuesday Evening and more...

I managed to totally forget to write anything about Tuesday evening after I got the news about my job, so I'm going to write about it now!

I headed downtown to meet up with hazelbranch and eumelosdrizzle after work. We all hopped on the subway to go to their place where we did much perusing of pictures and telling of stories. They went to some really amazing places and had some really amazing experiences. I'll leave it to them to tell you all about it though. Amongst the story-stelling and picture-viewing, we ate yummy pizza and chatted. They also gave me some prezzies that they'd brought back for me: a really nice postcard of a fox (I can't remember what kind they said it was but it's a lot like the red foxes up here), a beautiful card with a painting of Brighid on it and at her feet is a little fox (I thought that was really neat because she's one of the few Goddesses that I have had a very profound experience with and to see her pictured with the spirit animal that I discovered was a really amazing parallel) and the last gift I'll keep seeecret because I think that they're giving similar presents to others I don't want to ruin the surprise.

I ended up staying at their place WAY longer than I meant to and was pretty tired by the time I got home. I'm glad that we hung out though since I really wanted to see all their wonderful pictures! I still have yet to see the many hours of video footage they took!! Plenty of time for that another day!

So, I did end up getting my hair cut yesterday and made sure to get it washed by the hairdresser too since that’s the best part! I just go a trim to even up the ends and it feels divine! It only cost $15 too so I don’t have to feel guilty about blowing a ton of money on it!

After the haircut, I headed over to Blockbuster and rented some movies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Monster-in-Law. I also bought Sin City since they has a previously viewed copy for ten bucks. I really liked the first two movies but I haven’t watched Sin City yet. I heard it was good but really violent!

I have a "tea date" today at the Royal York. It's nothing exciting, just meeting someone from online and I'd almost rather not be going. I have a migraine headache and am feeling pretty tired. I also have class tonight that I definitely don't want to miss, so that means I'm going to be out and about for the whole afternoon and evening. Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing at all but when you have a migraine, simple things become quite a bit more difficult and exhausting. At least the migraines are more manageable than they used to be. Of course, I wouldn't mind having one of my prescription pills right about now. If they weren't so darn expensive I'd go get some. Alas, they are very expensive and I'd rather have money for food.

I'm still very behind in my readings for my classes which is not a good thing since exams are quickly approaching. Of course, I probably won't get much done today with a migraine since pain is not conducive to absorbing information. At least I'm not so far behind that I won't be able to get caught up. It will just take some effort.... tomorrow. ;)
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