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quarter of a century

I turned 25 on Sunday. I've been waiting a long time for this. I've just had this desire to be a 'quarter of a century' old. Don't know why really, but it's not something that I was worried about...there was no "oh gods am I ever getting old". But don't misunderstand, just because I'm 25 it doesn't mean I'm grown up! ;) My friend Hazel, her bf Mike and I went to see Finding Nemo and then we met up with our other roomy Eric and saw Underworld. Both movies were pretty good but I was having a less than perfect day unfortunately...

It all started with an email I got from my Dad telling me that he'd caught my step-mom lying about having been drinking again and that they were seperating. It upset me because I could tell that he was really upset because he'd been so hoping that things were going to work out...but she hadn't been going to AA like she's supposed to etc etc etc....

Then one of my friends decided that she wasn't able to afford to come see me on my birthday. I have to admit, I was really hurt by this...but then again, I've been hurt a lot recently by things other people have done... maybe I'm just too sensitive or too demanding, who knows. I suppose I should be getting used to being put on the back-burner seeing as all my close friends have significant others. As for me, I like being single, but sometimes wish I had someone to be close with.

The present my friends got me was so amazing. They got me the Oberon Zell Millennial Gaia. She's so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. (Thanks Hazel for listening)

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I shouldn't post at night. It seems that's when all the depressive feelings come out.......

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