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I wonder...

I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever be happy with my LJ layout. I keep changing it and can never quite find the right fit!
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It's tricky eh... I like my layout... I just wish I knew how to add a few more things to a base layout.
Yeah, that's my problem too. I like component but it doesn't have the Edit Entry and Edit Tags links added to the Recent Entries/Friends views which I really like.
Exactly, if I could add those, and maybe change the placement of some of the optiosn (or make them into a single row of buttons of some variety) I'd be really happy.
I'm using Smooth Sailing now and it's SUPER customizeable.... almost confusingly so but sooo good. Don't know if you like the look of it or not but it's pretty good for customizations.
Ahh... no it does not, hence why I added it to the links at the side! LOL Nothing's ever perfect! ;)