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Things I've been doing instead of posting

This past friday I woke up nice and early and headed to the thriving metropolis of Burlington to visit Dee and F. The train ride was nice but I was still feeling a little up and down emotionally.

Dee and F met me at the GO Station and I got to meet A. He was shy at first, which I'd been warned about, but it didn't take him long to open up. I had Pho for the first time and I quite enjoyed it. I'm thinking it's definitely something I'd have again. Yum!

With our bellies full, we headed over to the comic store where Dee works and browsed around for a bit. She bought me some Magic cards (which I'd been wanting to get) and some sleeves to put them in to protect them (I knew these would be essential). Later, while eating pizza, it was abundantly clear just how useful they were.

We left the comic shop and headed for the candy shop before going for a stroll through the park. It was such a gorgeous day for it too. The sandbox was somewhat problematic though, since the wind was blowing fairly strongly. F's brother met us there and we all headed back to the comic store so I could get a few more Magic cards, grab some cash at the bank and then we headed over to F and C's place. At one point when we were in the car, I let out an expletive in front of A. I immediately noticed as C gently elbowed me as a reminder but it was too late. I almost starting crying as I sat there feeling ashamed of myself. I'd been so careful all day. I'm sure I was feeling worse about it than I normally would have, simply because I'm a little bit more sensitive than usual but I really just wanted cry. I just stared out the window instead, wishing I could disappear.

When we got to the house, Dee, F and I sat down and went through our cards to make decks to play with. Then we had a quick game so that I could learn the rules, ordered pizza and then had a real game. I managed to win the second game but I'm convinced it's because they were going easy on me at the beginning, and I had a really good card that gave me an obscene amount of life points.

After the game it was time for me to head home. I got home pretty late and pretty much went straight to bed. I am not the party animal I used to be! Okay, so I was never really a party animal but at least I had a really nice day.

Yesterday hazelbranch and eumelosdrizzle got home from their honeymoon. Since I had no idea what time they were expected to arrive, I headed over to their place a bit before noon and hung out with the kitties for a few hours. They ended up getting home a few hours after I'd left and logging online to let me know they'd made it. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more about their trip!!

I really need to get some of my class reading done today. I've been feeling so lazy these past few days/weeks that I've fallen quite far behind. Of course, I have absolutely no desire to get the reading done. I don't know why. I enjoy the subject, I just don't feel like doing anything. There's obviously some kind of resistance going on here.

I also need to get my room cleaned up...this is another ongoing struggle. It's not terribly messy but it's a bit cluttered and driving me insane! It's my virgo orderliness coming out. I think I also find it hard to concentrate when things are cluttered... of course that's what they say these days isn't it?
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