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I started my two new courses! Yay me! One is Anthropology of Religion and the other is Sociology of Religion. I'm absolutely LOVING the Anthro one, but not liking the sociology one nearly as much. I'm finding it a bit dry right now, but with any luck that will change in the next few classes. It doesn't help that I wasn't able to get my textbook until this week and I'm also behind in readings as a result.

My mom send me a birthday card that got here yesterday (my birthday isn't until Sunday) and it's so awesome. She sent me some pictures from when I was a kid and one of them is me and my grandfather who passed away in 1989. I started crying because it really touched me. I really loved my grandfather and miss him. I'm so glad that she thought to make me a copy of that picture. My grandmother also sent me a card with what she says is "a few extra dollars for fruit and veg"... $150 worth of fruit and veg apparently!! She's great for that.... of course she also indicated that my future goal should be something in law, journalism or teaching... oh well, I guess I could be a religion lawyer? (I'm doing a religion degree for those who don't know).

As for my mood lately, it's not much better, but I'm not really up for talking about it. I really only feel like expressing my feelings just for the sake of getting it out of my system and not necessarily because I expect anyone to give a crap and respond. LoL I guess I'm a bit weird...scratch that, I KNOW I'm a LOT weird!

I think that's about it....let me know if I forgot anything ok?

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