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A day to relax

It was a beautiful day out today. It started off cloudy but warm and eventually the sun did come out to shine for us. I woke up fairly early and felt nice and rested. A friend of mine then messaged me and asked me if I was busy and whether or not I’d like to meet up for a bit. So we got together and did some shopping for her boyfriend’s birthday, which is today, then had a nice lunch together.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with the kitties watching more Firefly over at Hazelbranch and Eumelosdrizzle's place. It was pretty relaxing except that the internet connection kept dropping on me. Of course that just meant that I watched the show instead of multi-tasking. I'm really enjoying the show. It has quite a few really good lines!

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I myself am a fan of the series, hopefully they'll bring it back. I dreamed of a firely (a real one) the other day. It was cool.