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Weekend trip

I left for my Mom's place on Friday morning. I never want to take that train again! I showed up at the station just in time to fight my way through waves and waves of oncoming commuters! It was not fun by any stretch of the imagination. Thankfully the actual train ride made up for it. I just sit back and enjoyed myself, watching the scenery go by. I even got to see three deer along the way!! I wrote down little snippets of thought as we went, listened to my iPod and did a bit of reading. It was very relaxing and the scenery was just incredible.

Mom and I pretty much just hung out where she was house-sitting for the rest of that day and watched a couple of movies. Unfortunately she was watching two cats and my asthma started to bother me. It wasn't too bad but it made it a bit uncomfortable.

On Saturday I loaded my suitcase up with some of the things that were in storage at Mom's place. I didn't have a lot of essentials there, most of that is on it's way from up North, but there were a few odds and ends that I grabbed including my leather jacket, some novels, some cookbooks, a few tools and some of my jewellery. I was glad to get a few novels because I own so many that I haven't read that I'd rather not spend money getting more unless I really want to. By the end of it all, my suitcase weighed a ton! Thankfully, there's no weight limit for the train!!

That evening we went to a birthday party for a friend of my mom's and I chatted with the daughter, who I knew fairly well, for the whole evening. I was glad to have had someone I knew around my age there. It turned out to be a pretty nice evening.

On Sunday we took care of burying/spreading my Step-dad's ashes. We didn't do anything really exceptional. Some of the ashes were placed at the church that he was part of, some of it was placed on the farm and then each of us (Mom, my brother, my Step-Dad's son and myself) got a small portion of the ashes to keep in little boxes that his son had made. I was glad to have been there for it.

I headed home shortly after the burial. My brother took me to the train station and I chatted with him and his wife while we waited for the train to come. It was nice to have that extra bit of time to spend with them before heading off. I don't remember much about the actual train ride because I slept most of the way. I hadn't been sleeping very well because of the reaction I was having to the cats where I was staying with Mom but I think I made up for it on the train and last night.

Today I'm heading over to check on the kitties I'm watching. I'm sure they'll be happy to have some company since I've been gone a few days. I think they'll be even more excited when Hazel and Eumelos get back from their honeymoon though (which is sounding absolutely wonderful!).

As for me, I have class tonight. I'd rather not go and might not but we'll see how I feel once I get moving.
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