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Tomorrow I'll be heading to my Mom's place for the weekend. We'll be spreading my Step-Dad's ashes on Saturday or Sunday. He died around this time last year but I still don't feel that he's really gone. I mean, the physical body is gone but his essence is still there. I've never felt that way about anyone who's passed away before. It is an oddly comforting feeling.

I'm looking forward to the trip because it means I'll also get to pick up some of my stuff that's in storage at my mother's place. I just have to try not to go too crazy because I have to lug it back home!

In preparation for my trip, I got all my laundry done today. I'd been procrastinating about it for the past couple of weeks so there was a lot to do. It wasn't bad though. I just sat in the laundromat reading my book and relaxing. It took up a good chunk of the day but that's not really a bad thing.

I have now received all my Ebay purchases and a purchase of a print I made through webshots. I got the last Ebay figurine today and I now have them all on my shelf. I actually ended up getting a third fox figurine made out of blown glass and it looks really nice with the three of them sitting together.

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