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Strange feelings and odd coincidences...

Shortly after waking up, I was struck with this strange sense of wrongness. I couldn't put my finger on it but it wasn't good. I had trouble getting up from my bed and just sat there for a few minutes trying to convince myself to get moving. I wondered if something was trying to stop me from going. I did get up for a few moments however, and made the bed. I remembered a dream I'd had last night that Hazel and Eumelos updated their journals from Ireland. I figured it was wishful thinking on my part since I've been curious as to how their trip has been so far. I was tempted to log online and find out but was planning on leaving soon and figured I could check it later. Then the feeling of strangeness hit me again and I sat back down on the bed. I felt this very strong urge to meditate and found myself getting into the half-lotus position that I usually find quite uncomfortable. I sat like that for a while, lost in thought, before I realized that it wasn't causing me any discomfort. I don't know what I thought about but I remember how quiet everything seemed. I finally convinced myself to get up and get going.

As I walked to the bus stop, I was stilling feeling this sense of wrongness. I thought to myself that perhaps something was really wrong on a large scale, like a natural disaster, or something closer to home or more personal might be wrong, like a close friend or relative in pain. I sat on the bus, lost in thought, wondering why I was feeling like this. Was I just feeling down or what? Then, I heard some noise as someone dropped their bags at the front of the bus and I was brought out of my reverie just in time to hear someone say "Oh my god" and jump to their feet as the ran towards the bus steps. Apparently, a woman had lost her balance and fallen from the bus as the doors had opened to let her off at her stop. I sat there dumbfouned for a few minutes and couldn't help wondering if this had anything to do with the feelings I been having. The idea scared me quite a bit. The bus driver called for an ambulance and as I left the bus to get on another one, I was relieved to see that the lady was conscious and talking.

The rest of my ride was pretty much a blur. I got to the house, fed the kitties and headed to the living room to check my email and see what was new online. After a few minutes of chatting and responding to emails, I looked at my flist and saw that Hazel and Eumelos actually had updated their LJ's from Ireland. I was flabbergasted.

Is this all coincidence? Perhaps but it was freaky nonetheless.

Tags: coincidence, intuition

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