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The Universe Provides... Again

I found out today that I won't have to worry about December rent even if my training doesn't start soon. Thank you.

I am constantly in awe and amazed by the power of the universe and how it is manifesting in my own life. Every day I grow more certain of the fact that I am and always will be provided for as long as I'm willing to do my part.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day looking over and revising my essay and hanging out with the kitties before heading to class. Today I spent the whole day today watching Battlestar Galactica. I finished the whole first season between yesterday and today! It’s such a good series!! I can’t wait to see season two! The funny thing was that I’d already seen the last episode of season one on TV when it aired! I think it’s the only episode I’ve actually seen too. It was a nice lazy day.

I felt a little bit bummed out tonight and Mr. Fishy looked kind of sad tonight too. I’m a bit worried about him but I think he’s okay. Of course, now that I’ve written that, he seems to have perked up a bit, as if in response to my worry. I’m so glad that I have him. He’s a great source of comfort to me despite my occasional bouts of melancholy. Thankfully, these moments seem to be happening less and less.

The "vegetarianism", and I use the word lightly here, is working out fairly well so far. The only meat I've eaten since I made the decision was a little bit that I had left from before and a very small amount of chicken that was in a dish that my super offered me the other day. I don't seem to be having any trouble sticking to my guns on this one and find that I'm not missing the meat at all. I do forget sometimes when I walk by a Mcdonalds or something but usually it only takes a second for it to click in.

I also forgot to mention that I got my very first ebay item in the mail yesterday!! It was my little white porcelain fox and it's really cute. It's hanging out up on my shelf with some other figurines now.

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I'm very happy with Battlestar Galactica as well. They are focusing on the drama and the conflict rather than the technology.
I'm glad things seem to be going okay for you... sorry about work - they like to train people all together if possible (they must have found someone remotely competent to hire since I left).

Don't go spoiling Battlestar Gallactica on me (I have yet to sit down and watch my DVD's :P). How are our children, erm kitties, doing?

- Mike
I didn't realize you hadn't watched them yet!!! LOL No worries though, I hate spoilers too!! My lips are sealed!!

The children are fine. I think they're always disappointed when I come through the door instead of you guys though! LoL

As for far as I know (as of Monday) they had not found anyone else yet. Good work is apparently hard to find!