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There is always a reason...

I’m pretty sure that my super-intendent thinks that I’m not eating. Today she came upstairs with a big bowl of noodles that she’d made and offered them to me. She usually makes more than she can eat but I couldn’t believe just HOW much extra she had! I think she’s a little bit worried about me, which is kind of nice in a way, except that I actually am eating, so there’s no need to worry!

I’ve been working away at my essay almost all day today and got it finished! That means that I have all day tomorrow and Monday to look over it and make revisions! I’m pretty pleased with myself actually. I usually get things done by the deadline but it’s nice to get something done ahead of time! I’ve also been writing it slowly instead of just cramming at the last minute so I think it’s already going to be slightly better quality than last minute essays just because of that.

In other news, Mr. Fishy and I are doing well. We spend lots of time just staring at each other. Sometimes I talk and he…uh… stares. It’s really nice having him around, even if he doesn’t say much. If I want conversation I just have to head over to see that kitties that I’m taking care of for the next couple of weeks!

An old co-worker of mine from Moneris wants to move to a new apartment and asked if I’d like to be her roomy. As much as I like her and as tempting as the offer is, I think I’m going to have to turn her down. I know that this room isn’t going to be a permanent thing but I really that it’s too soon for me to move again. I was planning on staying here at least until Spring/Summer, after exams would probably be best, so that I could save up some money. I want to get my credit cards paid down before I think of moving somewhere else. Besides, I don’t even start working until next Monday which means I’m probably not going to have a paycheque for a little while. I’m living off the last of my RRSPs until then and there is definitely not enough to pay for first and last at a new place. My friend said that she would help with that but I don’t feel comfortable relying on someone else like that. Besides, it’s never good to have debt between friends. I told her I would sleep on it but no matter how tempting the offer is, we’d have to find something ridiculously cheap in order for me to maintain the same level of rent that I’m currently paying. It’s just too soon for me and I really want to get more stable before I make any big moves. Things tend to work out well in the end so I’m not too worried. I just know that my friend will be upset and I wish I could spare her that.

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Wow, now that's a nice superintendent.

I agree, stay put until you feel financially secure enough to look at other options. No nedd to add to your stress.
Yeah, she's kind of like a "den-mother" looking out for all of us. Since we're all in different rooms in a house it's pretty intimate anyway. The best part of the whole thing is that she's a great cook!!

I definitely don't need any more stress!! I definitely think staying put is the best option for me right now. Thanks for your input! :D