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The written word. How I love and hate thee!

I've spent a good chunk of my day today working on my essay that's due on Monday. I have three out of the five/six pages that I need finished, though I'm not sure what the quality of it is at this point. I'm hoping I can get the first draft done tomorrow (after popping in at Hazel and Eumelos' place before they leave for Ireland) so that I can spend part of the weekend tweaking and revising it. I re-read my class notes on the way to my other class tonight and realized that there's probably quite a bit more that I could add. It was actually good to see because most of what's in my notes will help back up what I've already written and in some cases add things that I overlooked or wasn't sure about. I generally do pretty well on essays but I'm never sure about them until I get the mark back. I find some of the topics (or at least the wording) the profs provide confusing and end up kind of winging it in the end. This particular class is essay based instead of exam based so I have to make these essay assignments count.

On my way home from class I felt pensive and decided to just sit there and let my mind wander while my iPod played music for me to listen to, instead of reading as I usually do. I found myself really getting into the music and feeling uplifted by it. Even the songs that are not uplifting filled me with this sense of wholeness. I can't explain it much better than that but I was glad that I'd decided not to read. I read somewhere that listening to music on headphones tends to reach you more because it goes directly to your brain without all the interference you'd get from speakers. Perhaps that had something to do with it. The whole experience made me want to sing, dance, compose and play my guitar. I settled for imagining myself doing those things since I was in public and it's a bit late to be doing that at home. It was a nice feeling though and it made my ride home quite pleasurable.

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