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To Veg or Not To Veg

I was poking around on the U of T student organizations site and came across one that piqued my curiosity. It's called UTCARE (U of T Coalition for Animal Rights and the Environment) and I decided to check out their site. As a result, I'm now considering becoming vegetarian. I'm not sure that I could go hard-core, cutting out all those lesser known animal products that they put in pre-packaged food but I could probably cut out actually meat or switch only to organic. Okay, so there are a few options and since I can create polls, I shall solicit answers from all of you!

Poll #593474 To Veg or not to Veg

Should I try and go vegetarian?

Go for it!
Just cut out the actual meat
Just cut down on how much meat you're eating
Keep chicken and fish cut the rest
Switch to organic
Eat meat!!
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I sincerely think that while vegetarianism is a good thing, that we can't completely cut out meat.
I think I've tried it actually, with Jessie. She got me to try a whole platter of stuff!! Not sure though.
It was hard to choose an answer on that poll, because I think it really matters why you would be doing it. If your thoughts of late are because of UTCARE, with animal rights, then you may want to cut out all meat. If it is more about your overall health, then you may just want to cut back on all meats or limit the kind of meats you eat. So I think a lot of it comes down to you motivation, your 'why/because'. Of course I chose Go For It! because you might want to figure out if you CAN be vegetarian by giving it a try, before you kill yourself trying once you've decided. ;)
Yeah, I tried to give as many answers as I could but I totally forgot to mention the motivation factor! After seeing the website it was definitely more about the animal rights than my overall health. Of course that makes switching to organic a very viable choice as well. As you can probably tell, I'm still undecided!
I think one of the key components to healthy eating stems from not only what you eat but where it comes from. Meat from a place like St. Jacob's, for example, tastes like a completely different food. It's not just the taste, but also the effect it has on your body. Organic meat makes you want to throw the stuff we normally eat out the window. It's the same for all foods: vegetables, fruits, grains, eggs.

The problems usually are accessibility and price. If I had a car I'd be going to that sweet little Mennonite community once a month and stocking up, believe me. There's a huge difference even in things like cheese and bulk foods. I got all kinds of organic flours and grains to make bread the last time I was there.

Like Hazel already said, it depends on why you're cutting out meat. But if it has to do with the treatment of the animals that are killed, I think the Mennonite farmers would agree with those concerns. Also there are no steroids used and there's no genetic engineering going on.

I always come back to Good Omens when I think about all our beautiful-looking yet void-of-nutrition foods these days: they were all designed by Famine to slowly waste us away!
I totally agree with you. I try to buy organic as much as I can and I can't believe the difference! Like you said, it makes you want to throw the other stuff out the window I remember the first time I got organic celery. I bit into it and it had FLAVOUR. Delicious flavour!! I went around my work trying to get people to try it. I had none of that bitterness that the non-organic stuff tends to have and it was the most wonderful celery I'd ever tasted.

Thanks a bunch for your input!