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This too shall pass

Today I was plagued with quite a bad migraine. It has finally passed and I am feeling like myself again. Each time I get one a migraine I am amazed at how much it affects my thought process and overall ability to function normally. I've been getting them since I was about 14 and maybe someday they will stop.

I also got a lot of work done on my essay. Although I have enough pages, I don't know if I've covered enough material. I'm going to keep adding to it and then edit it afterwards. If only I'd been able to get it finished up today, but it just wasn't meant to be.

At some point in the next couple of weeks I'm planning to pick up some fabric to use as an altar cloth. I plan on getting a few different colours to represent the different seasons and holidays. Of course I'm not entirely sure where I will set my altar up at the moment, but that too will come with time.

I also realized today that I have this urge to talk about my beliefs and express myself, but I find that I don't quite have the words. It's as if there are all kinds of thoughts and questions just trying to get out... but none will come. I find it to be a very strange feeling considering I'm usually very good at talking (and talking and talking...). Even though I feel this spiritual strength within me, I also feel this urge to express it...explore it... talk about it, but it won't come out. It is as though there is some kind of block. I also seem to be looking for answers, but I don't know the questions. I am standing at the edge of cliff and I'm about to learn how to fly, but I can't seem to remember how to jump... someone give me your wings. I am ready and waiting.

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