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No longer a virgin

Okay, so I haven't been a virgin for while but that's not what I mean, you silly people! I mean that I'm no longer an Ebay virgin! Get your minds out of the gutter. Last night I finally took the plunge and set up both a paypal account and an Ebay account after browsing through the site looking at various statues and figurines. Last night I made my first purchase and won my first auction. I got two little porcelain fox figurines, both of them being quite different.  The first one I bought outright as one of the sellers had that option and second one I bid on and won.

This is the one I bought:

This is the one I bid on:

I really liked the first one because it actually looks like a red fox and is quite well crafted.  The second one just had such a cute face that I couldn't resist it either!  Something about the second one really appealed to me.  So I got them both and I have my eye on a couple of others that I'm unsure about.  I don't want to go crazy getting a ton of little figurines but I figured these two were different enough from each other that it wouldn't hurt to get both. 

While I was browsing through the site I also found some gorgeous statues of Greek/Roman Gods and Goddesses.  Some of them are just amazing!  I'm thinking that I may have started something that could turn into an addiction!   At least the types of things that I'm interested in aren't too pricey.  I saw some items that were outrageously expensive!  I guess that's what happens with collectable/vintage items!

And now I'm having some serious deja vu about this!  Weird! 

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