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And now we wait...

I had my interview this morning. I dressed up all nice and snazzy (even blew my hair dry), had no migraine and felt like a million bucks. I think it went really well, quickly mind you, but well nonetheless. I should get some feedback by next Monday, so that's not too bad of a wait.

After my interview, I popped into the mall to pick up a few more things for my room. I'd made a list and tried pretty hard to stick to it. I actually did really well! I got curtains and a curtain rod for my room, a comforter for my bed, some new shoes and boots for the colder weather, a microphone for my computer so I can record my songs and a heffalump from the Disney store (yep, it was on my list!). The extra things I got included a nice feather pillow that was on sale, some little extra plushies at the Disney store, socks, a hair brush and some nice smelly body shop oils for my burner. All in all, not too bad given my tendency to go way overboard!

I put the curtains up as soon as I got home and it really makes the room look so much nicer! I got a nice dark red fabric and a black rod to hang them from. It just adds a nice splash of colour to the room. The comforter is beige with some black trim around the edges and little black trees on it. The "trees" look like they could actually be herbs or something but either way it's nice and should keep me good and warm too!!

Now I just get to unpack the rest of it and put it away!

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