Goth face

Two down, one to go

Training last night wasn’t too bad but a bit boring. The computer system decided it didn’t want to work so we ended up killing time by going through fake scenarios instead (apparently they wouldn’t normally do that). It was pretty much a wasted night as there was only one trainer and the rest of us kind of sat there waiting for our fake call while he was busy with someone else.

I rode home with one of the other guys in my training class and had a really nice time chatting with him. He’s a really nice guy who moved here from El Salvador about fourteen years ago. If nothing else comes out of this job, at least I got to meet a really neat person! The funniest part is that he lives only a few blocks from me!! He is also pretty unhappy about the long commute to this place and the lack of bus service to the office so we had a good little rant about that!! I told him that if either one of us decides not to stick with the job that we should exchange phone numbers so we can get together for coffee once in a while. I have to say, the commute seems a lot nicer when you have someone to chat with. It’s been a blessing being able to ride home with someone, especially since we both seem to have a lot in common and share the same feelings about this job perhaps not being that great. I have a feeling neither of us will stick with it very long but we’re both dealing with it for now to make a bit of money. Until one of us decides to leave it’s nice to have a buddy though!
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