Decided to upgrade

I've had my LJ for 2 years now and I've used it quite a bit. It's helped me to keep in touch with friends and loved ones while I was in the Arctic and has been a great way to keep a record of my daily happenings. I've used it to get feedback, to give feedback and just to vent. Today, I decided I would go ahead and get a paid account. I figured I use the service enough (almost daily) to warrant the small fee that they ask for and it gives me some nice extras (like more userpics!). I also felt like supporting the site since I really have gotten so much out of it. So, I have joined the the ranks of the paid account users and am feeling good about it!
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I'm noticing quite a bit of difference already. I mean apart from the 15 userpics, the comments page is different now... I get my own layout instead of that white default one, which is nice and there are some extra buttons and stuff (I have no idea yet what they do). I figured I've been getting so much out of LJ already that it would be nice to support them.
Did you paint the picture of the red fox up above your navigation box?
Nope, it's a picture from the web. I've been thinking I might try and paint a fox though... just not sure which one, I've got lots of different pics to choose from! This skinny one that you're referring to is definitely one of my favourites though. :)
Cool how much did it cost you? I'm being lazy, yes. :p I've thought about it before myself, just for the user pics. ;)
The userpics were the selling point for me. If you set up pre-authorized payments it's $19.95 per year. Not too bad considering how much I actually use it!

Welcome into the light!

Have you decided what you will survey on your first poll? Do you like the additional layouts? (Are there still additonal layouts?) Having fun making icons? I get kind of panicky when mine is about to expire. Hehe. I've had my journal since the days of codes to join, and no one I knew had a code, so the only way I could get an account was to pay for it. It expired once for awhile and it felt like someone cut off my arm. I couldn't change the font size! LJ has gotten better since then, admittedly, but I still like the paid version better.

Jeez!! I haven't even though about polls yet!! Totally forgot about that. I believe there are still additional layouts (I was perusing them earlier and saw a few that I hadn't seen before). I've already got a bunch of icons uploaded and will probably switch some of them around but having so many is great!!

I actually started out with a code myself! I'd forgotten about that until you mentioned it! So far, I'm also liking the paid version better. Much more to play with!!

Thanks for the welcome! ;)