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Since then...

Seems I've gotten a wee bit lazy about posting... as in 4 weeks of laziness! I survived the blackout, and thank the Gods I stayed home from work that day otherwise I would have been on the subway right about the time we lost power! We lost pretty much all of our freezer food because we were one of the last places to get power back. Lucky for me I ran off to my Dad's place in Stratford where they still had power. It was a pretty fun weekend until Sunday brunch with the family. Allow me to start at the beginning:

They didn't wake me up to go to church with them that morning, which was fine with me because I'm not Christian. I usually do go, but it's mostly just because they like me being there. So I'm waiting for them to come get me to go for brunch afterwards and Diane comes home and asks me (seemingly out of the blue) what it meant that I was Wiccan. Now she's a religious studies major and knows a bit about it. I didn't really want to get into it, so I just gave her a really really short overview. She tells me how sad she's going to be that I won't be coming to church with them anymore and I'm thinking, I never said that! I leave it drop because there's no convincing her once she has something in her head...

So we're at the restaurant now, I'm talking with Michelle (my half-brother's wife) when my Dad nudges me from the other side. I turn to see what he wants and as I'm turning he says "Meg, tell Nana you're not a witch!" I almost died!! So here I am, at brunch, in a public restaurant with my Nana (grandmother), her husband, my half-brother, his wife and their baby...not to mention my Dad and step-mom. I swear I just stood there dumbfounded for a second or five, not knowing what to say. I think the first thing that came out of my mouth was "what?!". I felt trapped... like a rabbit in a snare... I didn't know what to say because the only thing I could think of was "Well actually I am" but I knew that was no good. So my Dad says "Just tell her you're not a witch" to which I reply with the only thing I can think of "Well I'm not a witch in the traditional sense of the word" (DOH!!) followed by "DAD!!! What have you been telling her!?!". He informs me that Diane told them all that I'm Wiccan and that's why I hadn't been at Church!!!So then I had to explain to the whole family what Wicca is. Seeing as I wasn't ready for this and really didn't want to get into it, I provided a VERY VERY broad definition. I was so angry and upset that I almost left the table. I talked to my Dad about it later and how uncomfortable I'd felt. He said that it was ok, he'd told Nana that I'm a good witch, and she said "oh well that's ok then" (she's from Romania, so I imagine was more exposed to this sort of thing). In any case, I'm still pissed about it, but glad that my Dad was more understand and also thought that it wasn't the best forum or time (Diane had announced this at church) for this to have been brought up. I told him it was like outing someone...
Dad: Meg, tell Nana you're not a witch
Me: Well actually I am a witch and I'm also gay
I mean c'mon!!!! You just don't do shit like that! Even if I'd been Jewish, it's possibly that I wouldn't have wanted the whole family to know!! aaaaaaargh! What is kind of funny though is that when I gave the above scenario to Dad he said "I don't think anyone would have been surprised by that anyway Meg. Michelle had already guessed." LoL OK OK, so I don't hide my Dyke-ness very well, I don't want to...but being a witch is something I DON'T want everyone knowing. All I have to say is thank the Gods I have such an open-minded family!

What else can I tell you? Oh yes... I got an A in my religion class! 86% to be exact! I was SO happy! Now I'm taking Anthropology of Religion and Sociology of Religion... perhaps you can see the theme? I think I'll enjoy them, though my two teachers are like night and day! One seems very stern and the other more "laisser faire". At least that's the impression from the first class.

I still haven't found love, though it seems that everyone around me has. One of these days it will happen and though I'd like it to be sooner rather than later, I'm not in a rush. It will happen when it's time...not to mention I actually have to get up off my ass and get out there to meet people!

Hmmm... I think that's about it.

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