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I ended up running out and getting a new monitor for my computer this morning. I ended up with such a bad headache from the old one yesterday that I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it for 3 weeks. I got a lesser known, lower priced brand that had received good reviews on the future shop website. When I got to the store I was pleasantly surprised to find out that It was $50 less than I'd planned to pay if I got the silver version as opposed to the black one! Can you say HELL YEAH!? That enabled me to get the extended warranty on it, which I'd originally been a little upset about not being able to get! Once again, the universe provides.

I also realized that I don't have my job interview on the same day I start training for my part-time job. They are a week apart!! I must say that I'm quite relieved now that I found that out. The interview is actually scheduled for next week so that both the manager AND the assistant manager could both be there. I feel much more at ease knowing that the two events are on separate days. Of course I still haven't gotten the information with the address for the job I'm supposed to start on Wednesday so I sent off another email to the staffing agent. If I don't get a response today I'm going to call tomorrow but I'll use a pay phone because I don't want to use up my precious cell phone minutes on a local call when I can pay a quarter at a booth!

Edit: Got the address info. It's not quite at Don Mills/York Mills but I suppose it's all relative. I can't really tell how far from the actual intersection it will be but I'm hoping it's walkable as I'd prefer not to have to transfer to another bus. As it stands, I'm currently looking at 4-5 transfers. We'll see how it goes on Wednesday. Shouldn't be too bad since a lot of the commute is on the subway.
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