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Slowly the room takes shape

Today I went and picked up the wireless connector for my computer, a little carpet for my room, a toolbox, a hammer, a ratchet screw-driver, some nails and some screws. I also grabbed a few other odds and ends that I needed, like a surge protector for the computer. I've put some art up on the wall and the carpet on the floor and my little room's looking pretty good!

I found out this evening that my digital camera isn't working anymore. The screen is black and all it takes is black pictures. I have no idea what happened to it since it was working fine a couple weeks ago when I was at my Dad's place. It's no big deal, it will simply go on the list of things that need to be replaced. If I'm feeling like taking pictures I can always use my old SLR anyway. Yup it's the kind that uses film, if you can imagine!

Things are coming along nicely in my little room. The floors are really squeaky though!! Not much I can do about that. I just hope I don't wake anyone up while I'm walking around at night! LoL
Tags: carpet, decorating, digital camera, wireless

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