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Interview and more

I went to my preliminary interview for the job that I really really really want and I think I want it even more now that I see what the other people and the working environment are like. I also LOVED the manager! She just had a really great personality and aura about her. I also really liked the other people working there that I met. They all seemed very friendly and pleasant. The only problematic point of the whole day was that I was fighting off a migraine headache. I was trying to stay focused and alert but I was really struggling. I hope it wasn't too apparent as I don't want anyone to think I was ignoring them or anything. All in all though, I have to say that I think it went pretty well! I have my official interview with them this Wednesday, which is also the day I'm supposed to start training for my part-time job.

In other news, I moved into my permanent room today. They ended up giving me the bigger room with that has two little closets (the other room didn't have any) which was really nice. My dad came down to help me set everything up and bring my computer for me. So I'm getting all settled in and I have my good old PC set up again. I'm using my Dad's old monitor since I'd given him my bigger one and I'm thinking of getting a better one for myself. They really aren't too badly priced so it will probably be worth it to save my eyes!

Some of my boxes of stuff arrived too. It's a little bit sad each time I open one of them but at the same time I'm glad to see more of my belongings. I'm definitely going to have to send some things to my mom's place though, at least until I get my own place. My one room is a bit small for all my stuff. I have to say I am pleased to see that one of the boxes I got has some of my art supplies in it!! Now I can paint when I feel like it!!

Things are definitely on the up and up! I'm so glad I don't have anything planned for tomorrow! Furniture assembly and migraines sure are tiring!!
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