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Part-time work

I got some part-time work! It's an inbound call centre job that's a bit far from home but it's only two 8 hour shifts a week on Saturday and Sunday (that means no weekend fun for me but I did let them know that I have a very special wedding to attend in October). I go in for training next week, Tuesday and Wednesday night, and I figured I may as well jump on it until something more suitable comes up. I do have a preliminary interview for the job that I really want tomorrow afternoon so with any luck I'll see that come to fruition over the next week or two. This should give me a little boost on the financial end since money is getting scarce and I really don't want to have to dip further into my RRSPs. I'd like to actually start paying off my credit cards and afford my bills this month so this should help cover it. The best part about accepting the part-time work is it doesn't conflict with the other job that I want! I'll still be able to go to interviews and whatever they want! The universe provides.
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