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Last night I had some strange dreams. I was part of a school or some kind of organization and I decided I was going to start being a more positive and active force. I started stepping in and making people take more pride in themselves, pushing them to do better and motivating them. Everyone was loving the changes I was making and people were feeling better about themselves and the place where we were. I felt really good about it until, near the end of the dream, something happened and my work was no longer being appreciated. I don’t remember what exactly went wrong but I remember waking up with this horrible sense of defeat, failure and sadness. I remember feeling frustrated, blocked, censored and misunderstood. Like I said, I don’t remember what exactly happened but I know that people started to turn away from what I’d been doing instead of embracing it as they previously had. I had a lot of trouble shaking the feelings when I woke up but they did pass within about an hour.

I got a call from the staffing company about the job I want and headed in for an interview. Apparently I did really well on my tests and in my interview and she thinks I’d be a good fit for the company. So, they have to do all the background checks and set up an interview for me with the company!!! I’m so excited about this position and really hope that I get it.

After my meeting with them I headed to meet with one of the Professors at the Religion Department to chat about doing a specialization in Religion. He said it looks like I’m right on track and have a couple of options where to go from here and to start on third year courses next year. Right now it looks like my best bet would be going the Psychology/Sociology of Religion route and to be honest, those were the courses that sounded most interesting to me anyway so I think it will work out just perfectly. The whole meeting only took a few short minutes so I headed to the mall to kill time until my class.

I ended up going into Old Navy (which I love because they actually carry more than size 2 clothes!) and getting myself some nice clothes. I figured that I’d need something to wear when I get a job other than my t-shirts and sweat pants! I got some nice button up blouses that were on sale (might even go back to get another one), two pairs of corduroy pants and a pair of khakis. I figured that would probably work as business casual when I start working and if not, it at least gives me a few nicer pairs of pants to wear than what I had! I was really excited about getting the clothes because they fit so nicely and looked so much better than sweats and a t-shirt (as comfy as they may be) and I knew that it was something that I actually would need, as opposed to something I just wanted. I bought pretty much everything with my future job in mind and didn’t go overboard. I’m definitely proud of myself.

Apart from that, I went to class and enjoyed it just as much as the first class. We’re currently studying William James and his “The Varieties of Religious Experience” book which I find quite interesting. I found it even more interesting with some added clarification from the professor tonight. I find the course kind of heavy on the reading material but I’m sure I’ll get more into the swing of it. I think it seems that way now because I missed the first lecture and therefore the first week reading assignment which meant doing two weeks of reading in one. I think it should get better from here on in.
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