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I picked up my router today so I now have wireless internet! Yay me! I was pretty surprised at how quickly I was able to get it working but I have to admit, it helped to have done it before and therefore know what to look for. I also got my booklet for my Buddhism class (it's actually a book of the prof's notes which are VERY handy since you only need to fill in the details instead of writing all the notes from scratch) and picked up a few things that I needed from the store like more toilet paper, floss, kleenex and so on. After I got home and unpacked most of my shopping purchases S, the lady who runs my building, took me out for a coffee (well iced capuccino) and we sat and chatted for a bit before heading home. It was really nice. She's such a sweet person!

Tomorrow I'm heading to Hazel's shower with a bunch of gals. Should make for a good day and a nice little trip! Definitely looking forward to that!

Apart from that... I'm counting down until I get into my new room so I can start setting stuff up... 6 more days to go!
Tags: bedroom countdown, bridal shower, coffee, router, wireless

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