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A day at the zoo

I just got back from the zoo and dinner with Dad and J. It was such a perfect day to go to the zoo!! It was sunny and clear but nice and cool because of the breeze. We just enjoyed a leisurely stroll through a few of the pavilions and outdoor exhibits, stopping along the way to watch some of the different animals playing, swimming or doing what they do. We didn’t try to see the whole zoo today; we just took our time and enjoyed each little part that we were able to see.

I also got my presents from Dad, both my grandmothers and even J had a little gift for me which was totally unexpected! My Nana (paternal grandmother), my Dad and my Nanny (maternal grandmother) all gave me money, which they know that I need but what I didn’t expect was that my Nana was going to give me enough to cover a whole month’s worth of rent and my Dad gave me enough for about a month’s worth of groceries!! I couldn’t believe it!! My Nanny usually gives me money so that wasn’t a big surprised but it seems that she gave me a little more than usual too. I am so insanely grateful and lucky to have so many people watching out for me. My mom also put a bit of money in my account and sent me a beautiful calendar full of animal pictures for my wall. J gave me some little jars of jelly, salsa and honey all made with cranberries as an ingredient along with cranberry soap and a bath bomb! Right now I’m feeling like one of the luckiest people in the world!! Not only did I get some wonderful phone calls and surprises on my actual birthday but now I’ve gotten so much more than I ever expected!! I really don’t know what to say other than thank you to everyone who helped make this time special for me. Thank you for giving me something so positive and thoughtful when I needed it most. It means so much to me.

After the zoo, we headed to the Rainforest Café. I always find it’s a great way to end a zoo day. The only thing is that is does tend to be a bit pricey so it’s not something you’d want to do often! We ate and then we just chatted for a while. We didn’t even realize how long we’d been talking until we looked at the time on our way out and saw that it was almost nine o’clock! It was a good day.
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