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Birthday fun

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. My Dad called me, my Mom called from England, hazelbranch & eumelosdrizzle took me out for dinner and a movie and gave me an amazing necklace made by ethaisa and a card from Beith & Ethaisa with the matching earrings!! We went and saw the Brothers Grimm which turned out to be a pretty decent film with several chuckles.  When I got home there was a message from Dee wishing me a happy birthday too (I’d gotten my prezzy from her when she visited me in Stratford: a manicure kit with yummy smelling lotion and the cutest little smiling plush sheep!).  The whole day was just what I needed and a nice relaxed chat with Dee to finish it off was just perfect! Thank you to all of you!!

I wasn't called back for a second interview with the company I'd gone to the other day.  I have to say I was somewhat relieved as I really didn't like the vibe I got off the place or the lady who did my first interview.  Of course the guy from the staffing company is telling me that they really liked me and are just waiting to get clearance from head office on whether or not my "media affiliation" will be okay or not.  I'm definitely going to be needing work at some point in the near future but I'm still in the clear for a few more weeks, which is nice.  I'm still looking and hoping something else will come up instead of the outbound calling job, of course, I can always take it for now and leave if it doesn't work out.  I'm starting to think that might be my best bet.

Tags: birthday, work

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