Goth face

Home at last

My journey is over for now. I'm at my Dad's, safe and sound. I'm still sick mind you but I'm home. Being Labour Day, there's not a lot open so it's a good day to just sit back and relax... Maybe watch a movie or some TV, unpack some of my stuff, try to get well. I'm thinking that I'll probably go for a walk and Dad was talking about firing up the BBQ since he has one now. Then we head to my grandmother's place for potroast! YUM. "Nothing fancy" she said but I'm sure it will still be delicious. So overall I'm anticipating a pretty good day despite my coughing icky stuff, congestion and mildly sore throat. Of course, if I'm still like this tomorrow I'll head to see a doctor (I missed doctors- nurses are cool and all but it's nice to be able to see an actual doctor when you're sick).

I must say, it was a big difference going from 8 degrees to 20 degrees yesterday. I could feel the moisture in the air again and there was so much colour. I look out the windows here and there are cedars in all directions! This is one of the things that kept my spirits up when I started feeling down about leaving the North.

So I'm back in the land of trees with mixed emotions but overall trying to look on the bright side.
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I'm glad you're happy. :) Brody and I continue to argue however. :/

We are too different people anyway. But sometimes I like arguing with him; he can keep you on your toes.
Glad to hear your flights went well and you're settling in at your Dad's. Take care of yourself, and get lots of rest so you can kick that nasty cough et al. in its little viral butt!
Thanks! I'm definitely getting lots of good rest and I'm going to the hospital today to get it checked out by a doctor too, just to be on the safe side. It seems to be getting better but who wants to take a chance!?
Exactly! Get yourself checked out. Oh, and wash your hands -- alot. I find when I get coughy-sniffy-sneezy sick, going crazy with the handsoap does make a difference and I've noticed I seem to get over it much more quickly.