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I finished my last week of work yesterday and even got my paycheck in advance because I'm leaving. Unfortunately, I also got a sore a sore throat and was completely out of commission last night. I got nothing done because I felt so awful. I'm pretty sure I had a fever but I'm not sure because I couldn't find the thermometer. I slept for several hours, sweating out whatever it was that I'd caught. Today I'm in better shape but it's still pretty bad. I'm trying get the last few things packed up but my energy level is really low and swallowing is painful. I've taken a tylenol for the pain and it seems to be helping but I'm still pretty groggy. I think my immune system just wasn't strong enough to be around the kids for a week. I hadn't fully recovered from my cough and the schools are always a sure place to find some kind of bug. In any case, I'm hanging in there and trying to fight this thing. I think it pretty much means a lot of sleep and not much work will be done but I'm pretty close to being finished my packing so I think I'll be alright.

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