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I finally broke down and bought a gamecube. I'd been talking about it for months, but I finally did it. Probably just in time for them to release a new gaming system. I got Zelda and Metroid too... spent a bit more than I'd intended to, but got the two games that I really wanted. My roomy also picked up a PS2, so we've got a house of games now! I've got the cube in my room on my little TV... it's a good picture, but only mono sound. I'm thinking of bringing my little stereo in here and pluging the sound into that so I get stereo sound, but I'm not sure yet.

I'm feeling quite a bit better today. My throat isn't really sore anymore, except when I cough it gets iritated. The cold/virus has moved down into my chest like I knew it would, but it's not too bad. It's a little bit painful every now and then to take a deep breath, but nothing compared to how bad it's been before. I really hope it goes away and never comes back now.

I'm not feeling terribly coherent right now. I slept really well, but my mind is somewhere else... probably trying to avoid the fact that I have to go in to work. Oh well, at least it's only for 5 hours... of course then I have all kinds of errands to run. I'm sure I'll manage... the idea of coming home and playing my games all weekend will help pull me through!! hehehe

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*hates Metroid Prime with a vengeance*

Told you I was in the minority in everything...

Except to my fact, downright shock (I didn' buy it, borrowed it) I LIKED Zelda (And I've never liked any other Nintendo gave except Super Smash Bros. Melee, because they are all simplistic/reptitive and have no story,charecters, or anything). And while this does suffer from the usual lack of any good story, the gameplay, while not super deep and it's not going on my list of masterpieces, was quite fun, and I liked the sailing parts- it was like Morrowind at sea.